Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta-blocker made use of to treat angina (chest pain) and high blood tension, and also to protect against and treat cardiac arrest. It's not advised to quit taking this drug unexpectedly once you started as it might intensify your disorder. When being addressed with Atenolol as drowsiness and lightheadedness might be boosted, it's not advised to drink alcohol. If combined with a healthy and balanced diet plan and normal physical exercise, it's crucial to bear in mind that Atenolol functions finest. Lots of people need to take this medicine for the remainder of their life. In case you have a set up surgical treatment you could be called for to stop taking this drug for time. Some common adverse effects include sleeping disorders, fatigue, decreased libido, or trouble having a climax.

This medicine has actually been reported to affect your response and reasoning. If you are not sure concerning your personal reaction to Atenolol, it is not advised to get involved or drive a car in various other potentially hazardous activities. Being sensitive to Tenormin, having such troubles as diabetic issues, asthma, respiratory disease, misery, renal system or liver condition, thyroid disorder, reduced blood stress, heart issues and others could be contraindications. Atenolol is FDA maternity classification D - you must not take this medicine if expectant or breastfeeding as significant health consequences for a child are feasible.

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